Sheeba_2Sheeba is the youngest and smallest of the OH 7. Living outside of her breeder's shed is a really scary experience for her with all the new sounds, smells and experiences. New sounds that are routine to us like a dishwasher, washing machine, etc. particularly distress her. When she’s afraid, she flattens to the ground and walking on a leash is a work in progress. Right now, she has three speeds – walk, run or hop.

On a happy note, she’s learned how to navigate the stairs and is doing better on the hardwood floors. Housebreaking is progressing well in a very short time. When she greets people her tail vibrates with happiness. No matter how scary something might be to her, she is the sweetest, softest little girl who can't wait to cuddle and showers you with soft kisses. She’s learning to play with toys and has already performed her first squeakectomy.

Sheeba isn't quite ready to be placed in a home.  She's got a few trust issues to work through.  Keep an eye out for further updates and once she's ready to go, you can fill out an application.


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