Thanks to everyone for their patience waiting for an update.  Summer is a busy time, but we're trying to keep you updated as soon as possible! (As always, click on the photos to see a larger view.)

July 23, Kim drove to WV and met up with Debi and Jill, two American Fox Terrier Rescue volunteers.  They transported three of the OH-7 to their foster homes plus Jacki, another of Kim's foster dogs who went to a foster-to-adopt home, and Rufus a young male that made it out of a shelter thanks to Mary and Jeanne, also American Fox Terrier Rescue volunteers, who drove him to Kim. He’s now being fostered in MD.


The vans in OH and MD were each outfitted with crates, crate rugs, leads, collars, water, food, individual files and medicine for each dog, and clean up supplies (just in case!).


When they left, it was sprinkling but at least that cooled it off a tad when getting the dogs out and transporting them from one car to the other.  There were no accidents in Kim's car and only one in Debi’s.  It was a pretty stressful and scary car ride, being responsible for all of those dogs!!  They are troopers for sure!!!

Around 8:30 am, the vans set off to a rendezvous location in W VA. Temperatures and humidity were both over 90%. The drives went smoothly albeit slowed by rain. The two vans kept in touch via cell phone to monitor their progress.  It was pouring buckets at the rendezvous location so the decision was quickly made to find a location with a canopy would afford a dry spot to make the transfer. Of course as soon as the vans got to a home improvement store the rain stopped so the two vans parked nose to nose at a grassy strip in the parking lot.



Kim, Jill and Debi hopped out of the vans and greeted each other with hugs before starting the transfer. Whether it was a case of “great minds think alike” or sheer coincidence the vans were the exact same model, year and color! 


One by one the dogs got a potty break and some water before being loaded in the MD bound van. During the walks and transfer each Fox Terrier was double collared and doubled leashed for their safety.  Crate doors were checked twice to be sure they were closed and leashes kept on the dogs while in transit.


After brief walks and a water break, Tiffany, Myah and Sheeba, Jacki and Rufus were transferred successfully along with their supplies.  Then it was time for warm hugs goodbye and to set off toward home.

Babs was scheduled to be transferred to a foster home in PA on the way back to OH however the foster home cancelled so Kim had good company for her drive with Babs along with her.


Jill and Debi arrived in MD to find temperatures hovering at 100 degrees so the first order of business was getting the dogs walked, watered and into cooler temperatures inside.  Tiffany’s foster Mom, Eva, arrived and pronounced this Ginger girl to be the “sweetest thing.” Tiffany will be fostered in PA.  Myah, Sheeba, Rufus and Jackie settled down for dinner a good night’s sleep in MD. Sheeba and Rufus will be fostered in MD.



Early on Sunday, Myah was chauffeured to Stafford, VA to meet her foster Mom, Lydia, and did quite well. She happily hopped out of her crate to stretch her legs and off she went with her new foster family. Myah is doing very well and having fun with the resident Fox Terrier, Oliver.  Also on Sunday, Jacki met her forever family in MD and was the bright spot in their day and no doubt will be in their lives!


If you are interested in working with rescue and would consider being a foster home, please go to our Contact Page and send an inquiry.  These are special needs/special circumstance dogs, so please, serious inquiries into fostering only.  Priority will be given to homes within driving distance of the Canton, Ohio vicinity - Ohio, western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, etc. 

Even if you can't foster, the care and transport of these lovely little Fox Terriers is going to be expensive and we need your help to fund their way to a new life. Your donation, however big or small, is greatly appreciated.  Until now, these dogs have lived their lives as livestock, and it's time they learn what it's like to be warm and loved!

Thanks to all of you American Fox Terrier Rescue has saved a lot of dogs over the years.  In these difficult economic times, we know that your charitable donations are more sought after than ever.  We hope you are able to open your heart to these wonderful dogs and give them the new lease on the life they so richly deserve.

Together, we can make this happen!