Thanks to everyone for their patience waiting for an update.  Summer is a busy time, but we're trying to keep you updated as soon as possible! (As always, click on the photos to see a larger view.)

Friday, July 22, Kim got all 7 bathed with two groomed and the others “touched up”.  She reports that they are smelling a whole lot better and feeling real good about themselves now.  Confidence is coming.  They know where the door is to go out and also to come back in from outside.  After a walk in the high temps they are ready for their air conditioned homes.  They are learning to enjoy toys and licking peanut butter out of kongs.  Jinx loves watching tv.  They are doing well in their kennels and mostly pottying outside.  They are all little troopers!

If you are interested in working with rescue and would consider being a foster home, please go to our Contact Page and send an inquiry.  These are special needs/special circumstance dogs, so please, serious inquiries into fostering only.  Priority will be given to homes within driving distance of the Canton, Ohio vicinity - Ohio, western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, etc. 

Even if you can't foster, the care and transport of these lovely little Fox Terriers is going to be expensive and we need your help to fund their way to a new life. Your donation, however big or small, is greatly appreciated.  Until now, these dogs have lived their lives as livestock, and it's time they learn what it's like to be warm and loved!

Things are still pretty up in the air with the dogs, and everyone is extremely busy - especially Kim! - but we'll post updates and photos both here and on our Facebook page as things progress so that you can see how your donations are helping these dogs.  And as soon as they're ready to be adopted, we'll let you in on that as well!

Thanks to all of you American Fox Terrier Rescue has saved a lot of dogs over the years.  In these difficult economic times, we know that your charitable donations are more sought after than ever.  We hope you are able to open your heart to these wonderful dogs and give them the new lease on the life they so richly deserve.

Together, we can make this happen!

Babs before and after:



Blue Grass






Jinx after his dental and extractions


Jessy, Blue Grass and Myah


Jinx, Sheeba, Tiffany and Babs