maxbehindwheellowStan and Max finally found each other after Stan had been looking for a new fox terrier friend for many months and had had several near misses. Returning from a trip to the West Coast, Stan received an email about a 5-year-old wire fox male on the Jersey shore needing a home. Apparently, Max's owner bred Chihuahuas and one of these little guys would harass Max constantly. After much patience on Max's part, he finally had had it, and almost showed the Chihuahua the door. Unfortunately, that meant Max got shown the door.

Max came to Stan's house on a trial basis, and it was love at first site for Stan and his family, their 3 cats, and Max himself. Max not only gets along with the cats, but will often sleep with the family Siamese, Shelby, Shelby curling around Max in a canine-cat spoon. Max and Shelby even sleep with Stan and his wife, Martha, Max working his way up to the pillow between Stan and Martha in the midst of the night. Max is such a part of the family, he's even been known to help with the driving once in the while, particularly preferring one of Stan's vintage cars, like the 1967 Mercury Cougar shown in the photo above. But Max is big enough of a dog that he'll let his big brother Jonathan do the driving, acting as Jonathan's driving coach. Now that's a fox terrier match meant to be!