Daphne_Fred_and_LouiseFred Daphne was surrendered by her family in Indiana to American Fox Terrier Rescue in June 2010. They found that this darling young Foxie needed more time and attention than they could handle. Fred and Louise, who’d just lost Missy also adopted from American Fox Terrier Rescue , were ready to welcome another sweet Fox Terrier into their lives. Eleven American Fox Terrier Rescue volunteers transported Daphne from Indiana to Maryland over a two day period. Daphne was pronounced “just delightful” from day 1 and has taught Fred and Louise how much fun “fetch” and “catch me” are. As she’s settled into their home, the love affair continues! Daphne gets 4-6 walks a day to ensure that Louise gets enough exercise and when Fred comes home from the office Daphne helps him “relax” after work by letting him play with her favorite toy with her assistance, of course! Fred’s most recent email ended with “SUCH joy has returned to our home.”  That’s what we call a success story!