At_airportFranklin left Missouri and flew to Baltimore MD along with Ava, Hermann, Pretty Boy Floyd, Sissy, and Sugar on December 15, 2010.  A sweetheart from the start, Franklin loved being part his foster home’s pack. He progressed quickly in housebreaking and leash manners. Gentle and lovable, Franklin routinely showed squeaky toys who was boss by specializing in squeakerectomoies. Final tally was Franklin: 10 Squeaky Toys: 0.

After having lived his whole live in an outside pen or crate, Franklin adapted well to life as a house pet. He snoozed by the fire, hopped on the couch to cuddle, and played well with his foster dogs. Having a fenced yard was a particular delight for him. As he “lapped” the perimeter, he’d run faster and faster until he was just a blur! When he was done with his work out, he’d run to the back door and wait to be let in!



Freedom  Snow_is_good

One day Franklin had an excellent adventure! "Last night my foster Mom and I went on our last evening walk, then we sat and cuddled (my favorite part), and then she gave me smooches and tucked me into my crate for the night. She left a night light on for me so I wouldn't get scared (she does that every night) and then she went to bed with the two dogs who live here all the time. She must have been really tired because she didn't get the latch on the crate quite right and I popped out! I wandered through the whole downstairs of the house. I didn't go upstairs because the other two dogs would have started barking. I didn't make one mess at all but I got kind of bored so I picked up every toy I could find and took them into the girl dog's crate. I didn't desqueak any of them because I'm a polite guest. When she woke up I went running upstairs to say "Good Morning." Boy, was she surprised to see me there. She scooped me up in her arms and gave me a big hug and more smooches!!!! I love my foster Mom. "And then came an update from Franklin!  "Psssstttt. This is Franklin again ... I kind of didn't tell the truth the first time but don't tell my foster Mom I fibbed a little. I did leave her a "present." She just didn't find it this AM. Hehehe ... but she will. She'll love me anyway, she tells me she loves me to the moon and back and as long as the earth keep spinning. I love that she loves me that much."

Soon the little Fox Terrier with eyes like pools of milk chocolate was ready for a home.  And after he met Barbara, Don and Gabby, it was evident that this little sweetheart had found his forever family. On his very first night with is forever family, Franklin fell sound asleep in Don’s lap with Gabby laying right beside him. Barbara wrote “An absolute sweetheart. He's been very well behaved in the crate at night and when I go out. And he's a lovebug, as you can see from the attached photos. But you already knew that. Gabby & Franklin are playing & playing. She's very much the Big Sister, showing him things and leading him out.”


We recently got another update from Barbara and this is more delightful than the first! “Little Franklin is doing so well!  He is  gradually adjusting his status with Gabby Girl, becoming more her peer every day - even chasing her around and attempting to do ungentlemanly things from time to's no longer the automatic submissive lie-down-on-his side routine.. in fact, if/when he does this, he often takes the opportunity to reach around and grab Gabby's chew toy or rawhide piece while she's lording over him. One thing that you have him pegged accurately... he's definitely of the "He who winds up the most toys, wins." philosophy.  It is very funny to see him quietly collect all the toys, one by one, and carry them over to a little place where he might be just a bit out of sight - like at the foot of the hallway stairs. And then I'll look over, and there he is, slumbering completely surrounded by toys. So sweet! So angelic!


The day is divided into 2 parts: much of the time, it's the Wrasslin' Championships here: indoors, outdoors, with an occasional break to hunt squirrels and chipmunks. No successful kills yet, but they are honing their teamwork and it is only a matter of time, I am sure.

The rest of the time, they just lie quietly side by side and chew on toys or rawhides. Just like a couple of old ladies knitting in the afternoon.

OK time to insert a few photos. The pic of Franklin hanging off the couch was actually the 3rd one I took - he was actually sleeping that way - but he woke up from the flashes. The ones with his eyes closed were out of focus and so I deleted them. The boy just doesn't really understand about gravity, but he is some sleeper. It does take a minute or so to rouse him from sleep. He's not instantly awake/alert like Big Sister.

In short, our (meaning you, Don & I) boy is just a delightful little creature and we couldn't be happier. He's brought lots of love and contentment to our family. And we are forever grateful to you for all that you've done for him.


Barb, Don & Gabby”



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