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CW Moss

CW Moss


Baby Face Nelson and CW Moss arrived in Atlanta December 22, 2010 - and they were so cute that it was love at first site!  True to their namesakes, they "stole" many hearts everywhere they went!  They arrived in Atlanta after traveling from Omaha to Chicago to Long Island to Baltmore and finally Atlanta.


They made the trip just fine and both were happy to sit in laps and be cuddled all the way home from the airport. We didn't mind holding them! 

On first blush, it is easy to see that Baby Face Nelson, the smaller of the two, called all the shots between he and CW Moss, who was larger. Baby Face Nelson was the more self assured of the two, but CW Moss warmed up to hugs and snuggles more and more every minute.

They were among the youngest of the Missouri 11 at only 12 months old, and they clung to each other.  CW Moss would cry if Baby Face Nelson was out of his sight. Baby Face Nelson was much smaller but was the alpha dog, easily nosing his brother out of the dish and leading the way outside.  While they would cry when one of them was out and the other was left behind, they would sleep all curled up together in the crate, not a peep out of them. While this was as cute as can be, we knew that they would need to learn to do without each other.

After carefully screening many applications, a very wire experienced couple from North Carolina drove to Atlanta bringing their male wire, Scooter. Scooter and CW Moss hit if off right away, and the family fell in love with him.

He left his "partner in crime" behind, and joined the Witness Protection Program, changing his name to Wesley.  He is now living very happily with Scooter and the rest of teh family in North Carolina. 



A happy ending for all, especially for two wire boys who started life living in an exposed crate with no one to love them.

April 2011 Update:

We wanted to give you guys an update on Wesley.  He is doing really well.  He got his first haircut a month ago.  He seems to really like it, especially now that it is getting warm.  Wesley will soon be graduating from Beginner's Class at a local dog training facility.  He knows how to Sit, Stay, and Down.  We're still trying to get a few commands to sink in (particularly Come).  Wesley and Scooter are getting along better than we ever hoped.  As we speak they are playing chase and are running laps around the house.  We feel truly blessed and thank you both for introducing us to Wesley.  We want to also thank you for all of your hard work rescuing, fostering, and placing all the Foxies in need.


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At_airportFranklin left Missouri and flew to Baltimore MD along with Ava, Hermann, Pretty Boy Floyd, Sissy, and Sugar on December 15, 2010.  A sweetheart from the start, Franklin loved being part his foster home’s pack. He progressed quickly in housebreaking and leash manners. Gentle and lovable, Franklin routinely showed squeaky toys who was boss by specializing in squeakerectomoies. Final tally was Franklin: 10 Squeaky Toys: 0.

After having lived his whole live in an outside pen or crate, Franklin adapted well to life as a house pet. He snoozed by the fire, hopped on the couch to cuddle, and played well with his foster dogs. Having a fenced yard was a particular delight for him. As he “lapped” the perimeter, he’d run faster and faster until he was just a blur! When he was done with his work out, he’d run to the back door and wait to be let in!



Freedom  Snow_is_good

One day Franklin had an excellent adventure! "Last night my foster Mom and I went on our last evening walk, then we sat and cuddled (my favorite part), and then she gave me smooches and tucked me into my crate for the night. She left a night light on for me so I wouldn't get scared (she does that every night) and then she went to bed with the two dogs who live here all the time. She must have been really tired because she didn't get the latch on the crate quite right and I popped out! I wandered through the whole downstairs of the house. I didn't go upstairs because the other two dogs would have started barking. I didn't make one mess at all but I got kind of bored so I picked up every toy I could find and took them into the girl dog's crate. I didn't desqueak any of them because I'm a polite guest. When she woke up I went running upstairs to say "Good Morning." Boy, was she surprised to see me there. She scooped me up in her arms and gave me a big hug and more smooches!!!! I love my foster Mom. "And then came an update from Franklin!  "Psssstttt. This is Franklin again ... I kind of didn't tell the truth the first time but don't tell my foster Mom I fibbed a little. I did leave her a "present." She just didn't find it this AM. Hehehe ... but she will. She'll love me anyway, she tells me she loves me to the moon and back and as long as the earth keep spinning. I love that she loves me that much."

Soon the little Fox Terrier with eyes like pools of milk chocolate was ready for a home.  And after he met Barbara, Don and Gabby, it was evident that this little sweetheart had found his forever family. On his very first night with is forever family, Franklin fell sound asleep in Don’s lap with Gabby laying right beside him. Barbara wrote “An absolute sweetheart. He's been very well behaved in the crate at night and when I go out. And he's a lovebug, as you can see from the attached photos. But you already knew that. Gabby & Franklin are playing & playing. She's very much the Big Sister, showing him things and leading him out.”


We recently got another update from Barbara and this is more delightful than the first! “Little Franklin is doing so well!  He is  gradually adjusting his status with Gabby Girl, becoming more her peer every day - even chasing her around and attempting to do ungentlemanly things from time to's no longer the automatic submissive lie-down-on-his side routine.. in fact, if/when he does this, he often takes the opportunity to reach around and grab Gabby's chew toy or rawhide piece while she's lording over him. One thing that you have him pegged accurately... he's definitely of the "He who winds up the most toys, wins." philosophy.  It is very funny to see him quietly collect all the toys, one by one, and carry them over to a little place where he might be just a bit out of sight - like at the foot of the hallway stairs. And then I'll look over, and there he is, slumbering completely surrounded by toys. So sweet! So angelic!


The day is divided into 2 parts: much of the time, it's the Wrasslin' Championships here: indoors, outdoors, with an occasional break to hunt squirrels and chipmunks. No successful kills yet, but they are honing their teamwork and it is only a matter of time, I am sure.

The rest of the time, they just lie quietly side by side and chew on toys or rawhides. Just like a couple of old ladies knitting in the afternoon.

OK time to insert a few photos. The pic of Franklin hanging off the couch was actually the 3rd one I took - he was actually sleeping that way - but he woke up from the flashes. The ones with his eyes closed were out of focus and so I deleted them. The boy just doesn't really understand about gravity, but he is some sleeper. It does take a minute or so to rouse him from sleep. He's not instantly awake/alert like Big Sister.

In short, our (meaning you, Don & I) boy is just a delightful little creature and we couldn't be happier. He's brought lots of love and contentment to our family. And we are forever grateful to you for all that you've done for him.


Barb, Don & Gabby”



This couldn't happen without your ongoing support.  Help us give all these wonderful dogs the gift of health.  Just click the "Donate" button below to make your tax deductible donation via PayPal.  Or mail your tax deductible donation toKathy Lauer, American Fox Terrier Rescue Treasurer, 8738 Prestwick Parkway, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443



Doug Update - April 2, 2011

Doug is Amazing


April 2011 Doug Update:  Doug is an amazing dog.  What more can I say?  Edi and William have done an amazing job with him.  He's so happy, so joyful, and so madly in love with both of them, as well as with his step sister, Stella.  (Though Stella is so gorgeous, what red-blooded American boy wouldn't be in love with her?)

Read more: Doug Update - April 2, 2011




Sugar_update7/14/11 - We received a nice update from Lucie, Sugar's foster mom.  Thought we'd share it with you.  Sugar is a very special case.  Will she ever go off to home of her own, or will she stay with Lucie?  That is yet to be known, but a dog that is traumatized like Sugar was is a very special case that takes a very special person to help bring them around.  Many in rescue end up keeping these special dogs because the work to bring them around to trust us, only to send them to a new home once again is often far too traumatic for the dog and they can back-slide.  So we'll see... On with the update!

Sugar and I had a very informative visit to the Behavioral Veterinarian in May. She informed me that when an animal is isolated from other humans and animals their brain does not develop like animals who interact on a regular basis. Therefore, some of her behaviors such as trust might not ever develop like other animals. Sugar will probably never be a fox terrier who really interacts with her family. The Doctor also told me to leave her alone and let her come to me when she is comfortable. I followed these instructions and noticed a change in behavior within a few days. It was a great investment in Sugar's and my peace of mind.

Sugar loves to come to me when she is in the bed and inches her way to me when I tap the bed. Miss Sugar rules the house from the bed and growls and Casey (my other resident fox terrier rescue) when he enters the room. She loves to have her head scratched and does the foxie head turn showing her pleasure. Whenever I come into the house she comes running downstairs along with Casey.  Sugar is always coming to me from my bed, where she stays almost all the time. If I need to get her to come I either use the squeaky toy or call Casey's name and she comes running with him, since she knows she will get her head scratched along with Casey!

Sugar hoards all the toys.  When Casey isn't looking she runs with all she can collect upstairs to include in her stash! She still runs from me if I move to quickly and it startles her.  She runs into the house from the backyard and hauls up the stairs to the bedroom where she feels safe. She is petrified to walk on a leash and only eliminates in the backyard. I was told by the Behavioral Vet that I should not force her to walk with Casey and I since it causes too much trauma for her. Although, when Casey and I go for a walk she comes to us and seems like she wants to go for a walk.  So maybe someday she'll decide she'd like to join us.

You can really see how much she has grown in confidence from the first picture at the airport to the picture above. She seems so much more at ease now. Maybe she was afraid of me with my sunglasses on .LOL

Thanks, Lucie, for the great update!  We're so happy fate brought you together with Miss Sugar.  She seems to have found a person she can trust and feel comfortable with in you.  Our hearts break for what must have hurt her soul so much, but you are the answer to her pain - just letting her "be" and letting her decide the timeline.  Not many would be able to do what you're doing.

We look forward to more updates as thing change for Sugar!

Sugar's Early Story

Sugar arrived at BWI Airport in Baltimore MD on December 15th on Pet Airways. She was terrified of everyone and everything.  When I walked her it was probably her first time on a leash. Sugar spent the first six years of her life in a cage bearing puppies and based on her reaction to people especially men she was mostly definitely abused.


She came home with me to met my housemate Mike and my resident senior terrier Casey. She was introduced to squeaky toys which made her feel more secure. I would watch her sneak by Casey(when he wasn't looking) and steal all the toys and bring them up to my room and put them on my bed. She now feels more secure and does not have a need to hoard all the toys anymore.


But Sugar's fears of pretty much everyone but me have proven to be a challenge.  While she learned to not fear me as much, she often runs away when I  walk near her. Poor little thing runs so fast down the stairs that she will fall and bump into the wall. I hope and pray that she does not hurt herself. However, Sugar has really made some progress.  Instead of running from me, she will lie down in a submissive pose and let me approach her. She follows me wherever I go in the house and sits right next time when I am on my computer. When she first came to me she would never come when I called her. I started to call her name while squeaking a squeaky toy and she slowly started to come to me. Now, she will slowly come to me when I call her and put a treat on the floor. A few weeks ago, she started to take a treat from my hand occasionally.  She's still working on being able to trust, and it's heartbreaking to think she's been so traumatized by her previous life.

Though Sugar has made great progress with love, patience and medication she still has a long way to go. Sugar will be visiting a Veterinarian who specializes in Behavior Modification next month and I am hoping to learn more about her fear and ways to help her to continue to progress to live a happy and secure life. Sugar has been with me now for 3.5 months and will I will continue to foster her until she feels secure, safe and less traumatized.


This couldn't happen without your ongoing support.  Help us give all these wonderful dogs the gift of health.  Just click the "Donate" button below to make your tax deductible donation via PayPal.  Or mail your tax deductible donation toKathy Lauer, American Fox Terrier Rescue Treasurer, 8738 Prestwick Parkway, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443



Doug and Rebel's Excellent Adventure

Doug & Rebel: Two guys.  Hangin' out.

The two ex-puppy mill studs decided to hang out together for the day.  They started out at Petco where they found many smells and sights that were too good to resist!


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