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Dogs from MO puppy mill 2010

Sugar Update


Happy_Sugar10/8/2011 - Good news for Sugar! 

Sugar is so much a part of the family and my life that I have officially adopted her!  I couldn't imagine her going anywhere, and she has settled in here as much as her previous life will allow.  

She has come a long way in the 10 months that she has been with me as a foster. Though Sugar doesn't interact much with my other wire, she follows me and comes running down the stairs when she hears my voice. Sugar is still terrified of other people but has been a little less fearful of my housemate Mike, which is huge progress for her.

I have never attempted to teach her the basics such as sit, down or stay since her puppy mill life has greatly effected her. I am just thrilled that she has learned to trust me and gives me kisses sometimes.


Thanks for loving Sugar, Lucie!  The work you've done with her and the behaviorist have made a difference for this scared little girl.  She's now got a chance at a life where she can love and trust someone.  We know as the days turn into years, she'll open up more.  Thank you for having the heart to give such a Special Needs girl a forever home.

This couldn't happen without your ongoing support.  Help us give all these wonderful dogs the gift of health.  Just click the "Donate" button below to make your tax deductible donation via PayPal.  Or mail your tax deductible donation toKathy Lauer, American Fox Terrier Rescue Treasurer, 8738 Prestwick Parkway, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443



Doug's Excellent Daycare Experience


4/29/2011 - Doug needed someplace to hang out today while he's recovering since Foster Mom Edi had to go in to the office.  So he spent the day with Kathy and the Krew.

Here is a photo diary (Click any picture to see an enlarged version and caption!) of Doug's excellent day, hanging out, getting treats, and exploring the fenced yard with his new buddies. 

Meeting Spike and LolaHey good lookin'!

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Really, Doug? Seriously?


I've been thinking all day about what I was going to post here.  And after pondering over and over, I just can't come up with anything but "tell it like it is"!  So here we go...


Monday morning, April 25th dawned with Doug deciding it was time for everyone to get up and have breakfast at 6:15 a.m.   He barked at Edi to get out of bed and feed him.  Stella heard him bark and came running.  She, of course, loves breakfast, too!  They were both happy and excited and started running to the kitchen, playing and dancing just like  every morning.  As they were playing, Doug let out a yelp, but then went back after Stella.  Edi looked and saw his leg was at a very strange angle. 

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Doug Goes Home


After a very long couple of days, Doug was discharged from the hospital and sent home.  And while most of us would be happy to go home, Doug actually "dug it" at the University of Minnesota, and seemed to want to hang around.  He told us, "Lots of people, lots of dogs, food - it wasn't a bad gig overall..."

Go forward for Doug is repeated wormings, antibiotics for a low grade UTI, and some more blood work as things improve to keep an eye on a few things - kidney function is not perfect, and he's got some low grade knee issues, but not bad for older dog that has lived the kind of life Doug has.  Nothing too big to worry about - just to keep an eye on.

We got to the University, paid his bill, and then waited for him to come out.  I looked up and saw him on his way across the lobby, looking 100% more alert than Monday night.  And when he caught sight of Edi, his eyes lit up.  He was so happy to see her!


Doug was very happy to see that Edi remembered to bring his Flat Fox toy.  He wanted to play with his toy, but he was torn between that and exploring all the great dog and cat smells in the lobby.


Then we were HONORED to meet Hawk, the greyhound.  Hawk was not only a beautiful, sweet dog, but he is also a Hero.  Hawk is one of the greyhounds in the Blood Donor program at the University of Minnesota.  He comes in every 8 - 10 weeks and gives blood so that dogs like Doug are able to get transfusions when they need them.  Greyhounds are Universal Donors in the dog world - and the program they have takes retired or rescue greyhounds, places them in wonderful homes where they live the good life.  They also take volunteer dogs and cats for the program. Click here to read all about it.  If you don't live in Minnesota, check with the vet schools and specialty clinics in your area if you have a dog that would qualify as a donor.


Hawk the Hero

Hawk is actually looking for a new forever home where he can hang out and be spoiled between donations.  Do we know if Hawk's blood is now coursing through Doug's veins?  No, we don't.  But they gave each other a sly wink and nod of the head as they passed in the lobby, so we have our opinion.... And if Doug suddenly develops the urge to RUN LIKE THE WIND, we'll let you know.... 

We sat and ran through the paperwork and had a nice long chat with the fabulous Dr. Amanda Stiller and soon-to-be Dr. Angie Jung (she graduates in a month!) about all things parasitical and what we'll be doing going forward.  Doug, however, was bored and just wanted to go home.


Doug settled on Edi's lap for the ride home and slept the whole way.  And the report this morning was, "So Stella almost had a heart attack with excitement when Doug got home.  Then she almost had a heart attack of anticipation waiting for me to figure out all the meds for Doug’s dinner.  I have to feed them at the same time so Stella has to wait until Doug’s dinner is ready.  Poor Stella!   Doug has been underfoot since he got home.  Every time I turn around there he is.  It is so good to see him happy!"

Everyone is so relieved to get Doug home and know that we can all look forward to fun and living the good life.  We'll be updating on his condition, but he'll move off the front page and back to his own section under the Missouri 11 link to the left, but we'll leave him front-and-center for a few more days.


...  for all of the good thoughts, karma, prayers and wishes.  I know it made it a difference!  Fox Terrier lovers are like no others!  I am sure we'll have more good updates to come.  Doug has come from being a "nothing dog" in a puppy mill - where he was just a number, if even that - to being "Everyone's Pet" with SO many people that love and care about him.  It makes even the Grinchiest heart grow three times that day!

Doug says THANK YOU to Dr. Judi Funk and staff at Compassionate Care Animal Hospital, and Dr. Lindsay Merkel, Dr. Jeff Todd, Dr. Amanda Stiller and soon-to-be Dr. Angie Jung and all the staff at the University of Minnesota for the excellent care and love and compassion that he felt in everyone's hands.  And he'd like to thank his "blood brother" Hawk, and all the dogs and cats like Hawk and their owners for giving of themselves so that others may live.

~Love to all of you from Doug

If you'd like to help pay for Doug's blood transfusions and tests, please click the "Donate" button below and donate what you can via PayPal.  Or mail your donation toKathy Lauer, American Fox Terrier Rescue Treasurer, 8738 Prestwick Parkway, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443.  Remember, your donation is tax deductible.



Doug has GREAT NEWS!



Thank you to Katie R., one of Doug's most ardent Facebook fans for the lovely "get well card"!  The love for Doug is overwhelming!

UPDATE 4/13/11:  12:00 noon CST:

Doug will be coming home today around 5:30 pm!  The vet student that called said "He's so perky today - it's like a completely different dog.  And he's soooo sweet!  We'd be fine if he wanted to stay here!" 

So we'll be off to pick him up from his stay "at the health spa" and I'm sure he'll be one happy dog to see his sister, Stella (who has been moping about since Monday!).   I'll try to get pictures, but from the sound of it, Doug is loving it there - lots of attention, lots of activity, 3-hots-and-a-cot....  What's not to like?

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