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Zazu_Family_PortraitZazu was unwanted by a relative of her elderly owner, Zazu was surrendered to a local shelter. In poor physical condition and discomfort, Zazu was rescued from a local shelter.  After in-depth medical testing to confirm her good health and getting her teeth cleaned, she was adopted by Kreugh and Tom in Bel Air, Maryland.  They had wanted to find a “little Foxie that needed us as much as we needed her” and Zazu was the perfect fit!  

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Fred and Ginger


Fred Astaire (formerly Lincoln) was one of three beautiful Wire Fox Terriers surrendered to American Fox Terrier Rescue by a small breeder who was closing down her breeding operation in the winter of 2009.  Fred and his two Foxie siblings were just two years old and entrusted to American Fox Terrier Rescue 's care for placement in a loving home.

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Tim_and_Trucker_first_hikeTrucker keeps on truckin! Found roaming the streets of Moore, OK with Baxter, Trucker ended up at the Moore, OK shelter. When American Fox Terrier Rescue volunteer Teresa arrived to pick the boys up, she also found Tiffany so like any American Fox Terrier Rescue volunteer she scooped them all up! Teresa enlisted the assistance of Dee, American Fox Terrier Rescue volunteer in Houston, to help foster and place Trucker so he enjoyed the late summer/early fall in Houston.

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Gigi (aka Gwyneth) is one lucky lady! Scooped up by another rescue from elderly owners who left her alone and tied up in the yard all day long, she landed with American Fox Terrier Rescue .  VA volunteers, Jill and Sue; MD volunteers, Lucie and Debi; and PA volunteer, Eva teamed together to pull, foster, transport, and place this sweet little miss.  

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maxbehindwheellowStan and Max finally found each other after Stan had been looking for a new fox terrier friend for many months and had had several near misses. Returning from a trip to the West Coast, Stan received an email about a 5-year-old wire fox male on the Jersey shore needing a home. Apparently, Max's owner bred Chihuahuas and one of these little guys would harass Max constantly. After much patience on Max's part, he finally had had it, and almost showed the Chihuahua the door. Unfortunately, that meant Max got shown the door.

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OliviaPoor Olivia was found as a stray in the Midwest in March 2002 and she was one very sick little girl. Among other things she had skin infections and terrible ear infections. Cathie, Olivia's new mom, contacted American Fox Terrier Rescue volunteer when she saw Olivia's picture posted on the web site, but at that time her foster mom had decided to keep her. Cathie was disappointed because she had felt a connection with Olivia as soon as she saw her picture. She continued to look for a new foxy friend but nothing ever quite seemed right.

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WinstonThis happy 14-year-old wire is named Winston and he is in Heaven. Winston started out as a foster of a American Fox Terrier Rescue volunteer because in true wire fashion, Winston, who was un-neutered, was fighting with a roommate's also un-neutered Boston Terrier, a behavior that was threatening to send Winston to the pound.

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