Saturday, August 15, 2020


salisbury_wireSophie was found by a kind hearted family in rural North Carolina along the side of a road.  She had very bad teeth and a number of mammary tumors.  She was such a sweet little dog, and we had high hopes that she could be helped. 

Sophie had a large tumor covering two of her nipples. It was hard and weeping and at best would have required surgery.  Additionally, her teeth were clearly in need of medical care.  Efforts were made to help her.  She was taken to a vet who also had hope for her, but after some testing and x-rays, her condition was deemed too grave and the mammary tumors appeared to be malignant. The decision was made to let her go gently and kindly, with caring people around her.

The sad reality of rescue is that no matter how much we would like to save all of them, not all dogs can be saved.  We try whenever possible to help and treat them so they can go on to live the happy lives they deserve.  But in Sophie's case, that was not to be. We are heartened by the kind people who took her in and took the time to try to help little Sophie.  Meeting kind hearted people is one of the greatest rewards of rescue.

In situations like Sophie's, expenses are incurred in diagnostics and we have to cover those costs regardless of the outcome. While Sophie’s case did not turn out as we'd hoped, so many others are saved by the efforts of our volunteers and donors. 

Sophie couldn’t tell about us her history, but we know for certain that her last days were filled with love and care.  While we can't help Sophie, your donations can help other dogs like Sophie who may be saved.   Every donation helps dogs in need.

Please give in memory of a sweet dog named Sophie, who can live on in the hearts of those she touched, and live on in the next dog we're able to help.

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