Thursday, July 29, 2021

Lily Update: Lily Still Needs Your Help

lil-carLily Update- Monday 9/10:


Lily continues to progress.  She ate her food from her bowl this morning without having to be hand fed.  She coughs some when she first gets up from overnight sleeping or longer naps, but it's less harsh.  Out on leash, she's remembered that chipmunks lurk in our front rock wall, and is starting to get interested in looking for them again.  As from before, she's good with her foster brother Scout, and thinks car rides are fine.

Thanks to our donors, we're 40% of the way to paying for Lily's little "spa trip" (that's what we're telling her it was...!).  It was a close call, but thankfully she's a trooper and ready to feel 100% and give those chipmunks a run for their money!  Thank you ALL for your support and love for this lucky little girl!



Lily Update- Saturday 9/8:


We're so happy that Lily is doing better and looks to be showing her terrier spirit.  She's starting to feel better and with the TLC she's getting from her foster family, we're all breathing a BIG sigh of relief! 

We'd like to thank those of you who have donated for her care.  So far donations have covered about 25% of her bill, so we've got a ways to go.  We deeply appreciate the generousity of our supporters.  Without you, we'd never be able to help the dogs we do.


Thankfully Lily has been helped.  This poor little angel was so sick, and now she's letting us know that you can't keep a fox terrier girl down!  Here are some details of our sweet girl's (and her sweet foster Mom's) very stressful week.

From Lily's foster mom, Eva:

Lily was boarded at a local kennel while I was out of town, from Thursday through supposedly this past Tuesday. On Monday, Labor day, they noticed she was lethargic and coughing up a white pus type substance.  They rushed her to an emergency vet hospital where she had a 105 degree fever, requiring oxygen to keep her going.  They diagnosed her with aspiration pneumonia, low albumin and globulin, elevated liver enzymes and dehydration.  Further tests indicated a urinary tract infection.  

lil2Her high vet bill was the result of the intensive care she initially required, isolation in case of contagion, the battery of tests to see if other issues besides the pneumonia were existing and around the clock monitoring. What it comes down to is that she was seriously ill by the time she was taken in on a holiday (extra charges there) and for a while there it was touch and go whether she would live.

She came home Thursday pm, and had little energy to do much more than go to the bathroom on Friday, having to be force fed her medications:  doxycycline, baytril, cerena (to keep nausea down).  When she actually let me had feed her a couple of small pieces of boiled chicken breast this morning (Sat 9/8) I was really relieved, because we weren't sure that she'd be able to stay home if she didn't start taking food soon.  This evening she ate a bit more.  Her coughing is less apparent, mostly when she first gets up from bed and we're really happy that she's around.

 So far the resident dogs seem fine.  Serial fostering here seems to have helped them build up a bit of immunity to things.  Knock on wood, they're pretty healthy.

lily-toyThis afternoon, feeling a bit better each day.  We were surprised when she picked up a toy at took it back to her lair under the table.  At the same time, the resident duo were squeaking away with their new toys in the next room, so I guess she didn't want to miss out on the action.

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