Saturday, May 30, 2020


Ginger3a“Ginger’ was pulled from a Knoxville TN shelter in May 2008. She had a severe cough, which was initially thought to be aspiration pneumonia. She was treated by a vet while in her foster home for a short period, and when she was adopted by a wonderful family in SC, we thought she was on the road to recovery.

Unfortunately, despite excellent care, her cough grew worse and she couldn’t catch her breath. She would collapse, wheezing. She began specialized breathing treatments twice a day, and endured round after round of medicines. Her family catered to her every need but the vet bills grew as she needed so much treatment.

When the final diagnosis came, it was advanced chronic pulmonary disease. The disease has caused deterioration of the lungs and her heart has an arterial bulge. The toll it has taken is evident as she can’t run and play without stopping to cough and wheeze for breath. Her wire brother, Fred, stops playing and sits next to her until she catches her breath. The vet has said she will begin to faint while playing.

Despite the best care and a loving family, poor Ginger will not have the long and happy terrier life we had hoped. While the vast majority of our rescues are healthy, it is a heartbreaking reality that not all are. We are asking that you make a tax-deductible donation, so that American Fox Terrier Rescue can help this family continue to care for her. It would be devastating if for lack of funds, she couldn’t be as comfortable as possible.

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