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UPDATE: Blaze: 10-13-11 Visit

UPDATE OCTOBER 13, 2011 - BLAZIE HAS A LITTLE SETBACK: (as always, click on any image for a larger view)

Blaze_Stylin2Just got in from my business trip, kissed and hugged my own 4 foxies, then made a beeline to see Blaze.

When I called Tuesday afternoon to check on her, Dr. Brandley came on to talk to me. She said Maria (see her in today’s videos) had noticed Blaze sneezing from some nasal drainage; since Blaze was due to have her stitches out from surgery to remove the tumor on her belly they took a look in her mouth while they had her in the exam room.

As many of you know, Blaze’s first surgery was to address the horrible condition in her mouth. The biggest problem was a large tumor on her upper gum (fortunately turned out to be a benign fistula) that had abscessed and was so infected that a huge wound opened in the side of her face, which meant this was open to her nasal cavity. The tumor was removed during surgery and a gum flap created to close the wound on her gum. Unfortunately, fistulas often re-grow and Blaze’s did rather quickly. Dr. Brandley had been monitoring it but since the gum flap held and Blaze’s mouth healed so well otherwise, we just crossed our fingers.

But nothing gets by Blaze’s Fan Club – oops, I mean her vet techs – and when Dr. Brandley examined her mouth on Tuesday, she saw that the gum flap had indeed come open in that spot. She said she could fix it again herself, but really recommended that we go to a veterinary dental specialist to have it fixed properly, which requires techniques that Dr. Brandley says are better done by an expert.

So, little Blazie will go into see Dr. Mays on Wednesday, October 19th, for another surgery to fix this spot. Once again, I ask for your prayers, powerful thoughts and good karma for this little girl when she goes to her next ordeal.

Blazie does not feel sick and is not in pain or anything, but this is a thing that cannot go unrepaired; she is back on antibiotics in preparation for the surgery. And get a load of Blazie today!! She looks and feels great! Maria bought her a beautiful new green sweater and a green jeweled collar (her going home present – though she can’t go home now until after the next surgery). Maria has been teaching Blaze to play with a tennis ball and I’m told that she’s usually interested in the ball – but then I got there with the treats and, well, those always take priority in Blaze’s world.

She was not sure about walking or running with her new sweater on so Maria took it off her after a bit. I cannot tell you how sweet it is that Maria and Anthony both (in the photo) and Andrew and all of the gang truly love Blaze so much. When I saw her in her new sweater and collar I got a little verklempt…

The incision on her belly from the last surgery is so beautifully healed that it’s barely even pink anymore, and the hair is already growing back from where she was shaved. I just never cease to be amazed at how tough this little dog is and how powerful her will to live is.

Blaze is running around, wagging, pulling on the leash and generally just being a terrific terrier now. She weighs 12.8 lbs!!! A far, far cry from “well, she was gonna die anyway.”


I’m so hoping this is her last ordeal before she can come home with me and get fat and happy here until she’s ready for her forever home.

Big thanks and foxie kisses from Blazie and me for your good karma, prayers and thoughts next Wednesday. Your love and caring have taken us through a lot and will get us through this, too.



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