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Adopting a Fox Terrier

piperTo adopt a fox terrier rescue cutie, you'll need to contact an American Fox Terrier Rescue Volunteer in your area and to fill out an Adoption Application. Please send the completed application to your nearest rescue volunteer, so that we can help you get started in finding your new best friend.

There are many wonderful dogs waiting for homes across the United States and Canada. Some regions have more Fox Terriers waiting for homes than others. American Fox Terrier Rescue volunteers do their best to match the right dog with the right family, rescue volunteers and adopters sometimes even transporting dogs across country to a waiting rescue volunteer to get that perfect match.* We want this next home to be the dog's forever home.

Also, take a moment and read a wonderful article, Thinking About a Rescue Dog on what to expect when adopting a dog through rescue.

*(Airline transport of a dog is dependent upon airline regulations and dogs are only transported from rescue worker to rescue worker.)

How Much Will It Cost?

DudeEach American Fox Terrier Rescue group is independent, so each group decides the adoption fee for a particular dog, depending upon the amount of medical care needed or the cost of housing that dog.

All dogs are either spayed or neutered, and vaccinations are brought up to date. Many receive other medical tests and care, and frequently they also have dentals done prior to adoption. Occasionally a dog must be treated for heartworm.

Wire Fox Terriers are groomed and some of the rescuers also microchip each dog. Many dogs come from shelters and the rescuer must pay the shelter fee. In addition there is dog food, phone bills, toys, etc. This all comes out of the rescuer's pocket!

Most American Fox Terrier Rescue groups ask roughly $250 to $400 for each rescue dog, depending on the cost of work put into the dog. If a dog is transported by air, this cost is always paid by the adopter due to the expense.

Senior dogs are sometimes less, but none are ever free, so do expect to pay a fee for a rescue Fox Terrier. We believe all dogs are of value! Think of what you are getting for that fee! All you have to do is add the love!

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