Thursday, August 22, 2019
American Fox Terrier Rescue

A letter from Holly

maggieBlaze reminds me so much of my little Maggie, rescued from a puppy mill in almost as bad shape as Blaze.

Fortunately, Maggie was only about 2, but nearly dead from starvation, parasites, etc. It took nearly a year to get her fat (really fat :-) healthy and happy -- and she was my adoring, affectionate, beloved companion for 16 more years.


Blaze's wariness, her disengagement, her desperation for food and comfort are all like Maggie's. But, like Maggie did, she gets a tiny bit better each day. Her age and long neglect are problematic, but hopefully not insurmountable.

I feel Maggie -- and my darling PD -- with me every day, and know that I am doing the right thing, no matter what the outcome. Love conquers so many ills and heals the giver, as well, so my struggle for Blaze is truly a reward for I do in memory of my angel Maggie, as well as for Blaze who so deserves it.

Thank ALL of you for the ongoing power of your thoughts and good wishes --- for Blazie and for me. It’s working, I promise.


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