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WinstonThis happy 14-year-old wire is named Winston and he is in Heaven. Winston started out as a foster of a American Fox Terrier Rescue volunteer because in true wire fashion, Winston, who was un-neutered, was fighting with a roommate's also un-neutered Boston Terrier, a behavior that was threatening to send Winston to the pound.

Lisa and family came to the rescue, driving from Roanoke, Virginia to Carlisle, Pennsylvania to save this distinguished gentleman. Winston quickly became a part of the family after poking his shaggy, un-groomed head into the front door, Lisa's son Patrick instantly falling in love with this dog/sheep. Even the family's bossy female wire, Daisy, has come to love Monsieur Winston, Daisy teaching Winston to yodel instead of bark (barking, according to Miss Daisy, is so uncivilized).

Winston now teaches Lisa's ever-rotating roster of foster dogs proper manners, such as how to beg at the table and how to grab for the treat meant for someone else. This snuggly boy tolerates just about anything as long as he has his family around him. Wiston's new family feels so lucky to have such a special dog living with them, and they're pretty sure Winston agrees since every once in a while Lisa says she swears she can see Winston smile.

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