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CodyThis sweet boy's mom went into a nursing home and no other family member could help in the summer of 2002. So Cody made the long trip across West Virginia to be fostered by an American Fox Terrier Rescue volunteer. Cody is such a cutie that it didn't take long to find the 12-year old a new home, Cody wiggling his furry behind into his new owner's heart within a matter of minutes during the home visit.

Now Cody lives a life of ice-cream luxury in Northern Virginia, proving that even 12-year olds can be as spunky and energetic as a six or seven year old (and healthy too)! True to his terrier nature, Cody is a ball of play and terrier trouble, pouncing nightly on his blue koala toy and occasionally breaking into his toddler friend's crayons to enjoy a bit of color. Cody has also turned out to be quite the little connoisseur, begging whenever a pint of Haagen-Dazs Dulce De Leche ice cream appears, starting with a bit of a whine, which then changes to a snort and ends in a crescendo of a trill-like sound of rolling r's.

Cody's new mom says Cody has brought so much joy, laughter, and youthful energy into her life, she says she would adopt another dog from the silver-set of maturity in an ice-cream minute.

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