Monday, June 05, 2023


SusieBroadway Susie, was once a breeding girl, part of the Sprucehill Kennel. Suzie has been described by an adoring fan as a "four-legged, eight-nippled pot roast with a jet engine and a personality the size of a Mack truck." Her new mom, Cathy, tends to believe she's actually a person masquerading as a smooth fox terrier.

Suzie has been living with Cathy for just over two years now. She loves to entertain (there was no surprise in learning she had been registered with the AKC as "Champion Kenmar's Broadway Baby" - she's quite the actress).

Susie loves to play hide and seek on the bed, curl up with her sister for afternoon naps, and chase grasshoppers in the yard. On hot summer days, this alpha princess insists getting a "peticure" upon returning from our walks - she dips both front paws into her water dish before drinking it!

That's certainly one story of kennel girl to riches!

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