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Heidi - From Urgent Needs to a Success Story!

heidi3_mediumIn June 2010, Heidi was left in an overnight drop box in shelter near Raleigh, NC. She had no name and no history. Two days before she was set to be euthanized, Heidi was sprung for American Fox Terrier Rescue !

Heidi was driven to Maryland and went immediately to Linda and Bob's. She was covered with infected tick bites and a number of live ticks, and was clearly in need of dental work.  She also had 6 mammary tumors which were later, thankfully, found to be benign.

Linda and Bob fostered her, helping her navigate medical treatment and surgery, and letting her know that she finally had someone in her life that would never let her down.  After all the love and care they put into her, they didn't think they could part with her, so they asked to adopt her.  Heidi agreed that this was where she wanted to stay, and a new family was formed.


Thanks to their great care and love, this sweetheart has gained some weight, her coat is lovely, and she doesn't let Ike and Spunky push her around!  She's no longer afraid of her own shadow and now barks - sometimes maybe a little more than she needs to, but hearing her voice her joy is worth the noise!  She's a happy, healthy girl and very well loved!

When asked for an update and photos of Heidi, Linda had this to say:

I am sorry that we don’t have any good pictures of Heidi to add to the collection.  It’s not that we haven’t tried to take them, but when we try to pose with her, her look is less than a happy dog.  When she’s just being herself, she is so full of energy, that what comes out is just a blur. 

The vet has approximated her age at 5.  That maybe be true, but she acts more like a puppy. I believe it’s because she was never treated as a puppy.  She never had a ball with which to play.  It took almost ¾ of year but finally she has learned the joys of chasing a ball and playing with a squeaky toy.  It’s the reaction of a puppy. She approaches everything with that same wonder and delight.  She wakes up happy every morning, jumps up on our bed, rolls on her back, and grabs our hands with her paws to rub her tummy.  She is a joy to have.

BTW: The other dogs in the pictures are her buddies.  The larger fox terrier is Ike, the jack Russell is Spunky.  She loves chasing both of them through the yard and house barking all the way.

Thanks for all you do.


Well, American Fox Terrier Rescue says "Thank YOU, Linda and Bob!"  Your love and caring and open hearts gave Heidi the new lease on life that she is now enjoying to the fullest!  And I know some day you'll get some pictures of her - we all have more than our fair share of photos of blurring tails running out of the shot...!

Thanks also to Christina and Debi for getting Heidi into the loving hands of Linda and Bob.

And thank you to all of our supporters for your donations to American Fox Terrier Rescue . Your support meant Heidi got the livesaving treatment she needed and is now able to run and jump and play and BARK again!


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