Friday, September 25, 2020

Further Updates

Well the gang now has names.  Kudos to the PAWS volunteers who have been wrangling 3-4 fox terriers per foster home!

Our PAWS friends came up with the following names:  Baby Face Nelson, Petty Boy Floyd and C. W. Moss are named after gangsters; Franklin, Hermann, Ava and Minnie are named after towns in Missouri, Sissy, Sasha and Sugar have "S" names and Doug - well he's special - so his records at the University simply called him "Dog".  So we added a letter to that and for now, he's Doug!

This has been a very heart-lifting experience.  We got a note with a donation for the Missouri 11 ... on the check written simply and elegantly was "For Love".  That's why we do what we do - for love. For the breed, the fox terrier who looks you in the eye and you never forget.  For your own fox terriers, or the fox terrier you loved and lost ... it's all about "For Love." Thank you Danielle, for saying in two words what Rescue is all about.

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